Installing a Toilet Cistern – Guide for Plumbers

Carefully unpack the toilet cistern and remove any sticky residue left from the packing with something like WD40. Next install the bolts and washers, with the metal washer first, followed the the rubber washer. Now apply some silicone rubber to the washer in order to attain a reliable seal and insert the bolt into the hole in the bottom of the cistern.

The next step is to secure the bolt in place using another rubber washer and metal washer on top of that before screwing the nut down, making sure not to over-tighten it. Once this is done, remove any excess silicone with degreasing wipes.  Now repeat the process for the other toilet cistern bolt.

Once this is done the plumber can install the filling valve, applying silicone to the rubber washer first. The plastic back nut is then carefully tightened with a spanner and the float checked to make sure that it can move up and down freely.

Finally the plumber can apply silicone to the filling valve rubber washer and insert it into position inside the cistern. The plastic nut can now be tightened up to secure it in place with an appropriately sized spanner.

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