Five Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a DUI Attorney

After you have been arrested because of driving under influence in San Antonio, you need to consult your attorney to help you in your case. However, when you are doing the selection process by typing “DUI attorney San Antonio” into a search engine, you need to hire a reputable and qualified lawyer to ensure that you get the best representation. You will need to ask the attorney you wish to hire several questions to determine whether it is worth working with them in your case.

The good thing is that most attorneys provide free consultation so, you have the opportunity to ask the questions. This article provides you with five most important questions you need to ask to ensure you get the best attorney. Here are the questions you should ask:


How many years have you been dealing with DUI cases?

This is an important question because you will not like to hire an inexperienced lawyer who may not offer high quality legal assistance for you. It is advisable to work with a DUI lawyer with more than five years of experience dealing with similar cases. A lawyer with several years of experience will be in a position to gather all the required information to come up with a strong defense that will have your charges dropped.


What is your record on within DUI cases?

attorney imageYou should not find it like it is rude to ask the attorney you want to hire about his or her success rate. During the consultation process, you will need to ask the lawyer to show you the number of cases won or lost. Be direct to ensure you do not hire a lawyer who always fails his or her clients in the cases handled. If you come across a DUI lawyer who only tells you about the cases succeeded, it is good to take care because such an attorney may be dishonest. Go for a lawyer with more than 70 percent success rate.


How much will you charge me for the legal representation?

The fee you will have to pay your attorney is a key factor you must consider, so do not forget to ask this question before you enter into any form of agreement. You need to get quotes from different lawyers to ensure that you get the one who charges the most affordable fees for your case. You should also ask if the lawyer charges a flat rate or through hourly basis.

It is advisable to hire a lawyer who charges a flat fee, so that you can be able to organize your budget effectively.


Will you delegate the case to other lawyers?

DUI lawyers are very busy professionals and may not have time to focus on each and every case. In most cases, they tend to delegate duties to other attorneys. Therefore, you need to ask the above question to find out if it is worth hiring the attorney. If the lawyer will delegate duties to other lawyers make sure they are qualified and reputable to represent you effectively.


What options to I have?

You need to ask your DUI attorney about the options you have in your case. Ask him or her to take you through the different options for your cases including diversions programs, pleading guilty and trial. He or she should be familiar with lesser alternatives or sentences to jail term available in your state.